Marten isolators by IsoAcoustics

The reduction of resonance has always been important in the design of our cabinets – the right isolation can mean the difference between a good speaker and a great speaker.

Our cabinets are carefully designed to minimise distortion, but ultimately each unit must stand on the floor, which creates its own resonance factors. This in itself can muddy the soundstage. The best way to deal with this is to isolate the cabinet.

We worked with IsoAcoustics to design and custom make Marten isolators. With this precision product, the speaker feels completely isolated from the floor, reducing resonance and distortion – leaving the soundstage free. It also makes for richer, more controlled and dynamic bass. With a construction similar to their Gaia series, we believe we have achieved something special. We always work with quality. And these guys have the know-how and awards to prove it.

Employed by the Mingus and Parker series, the isolators are the best we have worked with so far and we plan to roll these out for all future models. Marten isolators will also be available as upgrades for existing Marten clients.


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Mingus Orchestra film

Mingus Orchestra

Our founder and chief designer Leif Olofsson talks about Mingus Orchestra. The flagship of the Mingus series is an exercise in refinement, power and control. It’s a prestige model that gives Coltrane a run for its money.

Over the last few months our values have shifted and most of us have re-grouped; our homes becoming a focal point. Luxuries are being reconsidered as essential and vice-versa.

Our philosophy of ‘bringing true musical experiences to people’ is as important as ever. We continue to do that through innovation, immaculate craft and high quality components.

At Marten, it’s business as usual.