Parker series launch

On 14th May we launched our new Parker series.

This was to be the first day of Munich High End 2020, but as we all know all, the world changed so dramatically to make this impossible. In the time since the last show, we have been working hard on our new series and we were due to launch three new loudspeakers in Munich.

This year’s launch party was a more humble affair. At our HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden we had a  social-distance get-together for Marten and a few close collaborators.  Champagne punctuated the evening of Jazz and Blues and our good friend Calle Bergström captured the night.

International shows 2019

We have a packed itinerary for the rest of the year, including some great shows in Europe and the far East.

The biggest is the Warsaw show, where our Chief Designer Leif Olofsson will be presenting Mingus Orchestra and Oscar. Either Leif, or our CEO Jörgen Olofsson will be attending the shows below, so please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.

Hi-fi Show –  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2-3 November
Oscar and Jorma Design

Audio Video Show 2019 – Warsaw, Poland
8-10 November
Mingus Orchestra, Oscar and Jorma Design

Tokyo International Audio Show – Tokyo, Japan
22-24 November
Mingus Orchestra

New distributor Announcement – Trondheim, Norway
30 November
Oscar and Jorma Design

Guangzhou High End – Guangzhou, China
6-8 December

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Munich High End 2019 show report – part 2

The international shows are a great opportunity to host – something we enjoy and dare we say it, do well?

There’s nothing better than inviting people to your space, entertaining them and proudly showing what you have to offer. Munich High End is no exception.

This year we were delighted to offer the floor again to the wonderful Michael Fremer.


Munich High End 2019 show report – part 1

Sometimes you have to take risks.

May is the peak of our year, with the unveiling of new speakers: the fruit of a year’s worth of planning, design and production. At Munich High End 2019 we premiered not one; not two; but three new speakers.

Our product range was ripe for growth. It felt like the right time to launch Mingus Orchestra, expanding the Mingus series to epic proportions. The show also witnessed the premiere of our brand new series: Oscar, powered by new technology but the same Marten sound.

Creating just one speaker needs resources: boundless creative energy; passion to drive the project forward; and the investment of our most precious resource, time.

In the after-glow of Munich, we reflect on whether launching three speakers at the same time was worth it. The response from the show tells us:

Yes, absolutely!

Munich High End 2019.

Once again we have touched down in Germany for our calendar highlight of the year.

The Munich High End show is always an important one for us; it’s a chance to show what we’ve been doing for the last year.

We have three new models and a new series to premiere. Mingus Orchestra is the latest Mingus model competing in the upper end of our range. We are also proud to release Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo: a new series that offers true Marten sound at the more competitive end of the price spectrum.

For the first time we will also have a stand for Jorma Design

The show doors are open, so we look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting some new ones.


Munich High End is 9th – 12th May 2019.
Marten Room: F214, Atrium 4
Jorma Design booth: H4, N04