Parker series launch

On 14th May we launched our new Parker series.

This was to be the first day of Munich High End 2020, but as we all know all, the world changed so dramatically to make this impossible. In the time since the last show, we have been working hard on our new series and we were due to launch three new loudspeakers in Munich.

This year’s launch party was a more humble affair. At our HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden we had a  social-distance get-together for Marten and a few close collaborators.  Champagne punctuated the evening of Jazz and Blues and our good friend Calle Bergström captured the night.

Mingus Orchestra film

Mingus Orchestra

Our founder and chief designer Leif Olofsson talks about Mingus Orchestra. The flagship of the Mingus series is an exercise in refinement, power and control. It’s a prestige model that gives Coltrane a run for its money.

Over the last few months our values have shifted and most of us have re-grouped; our homes becoming a focal point. Luxuries are being reconsidered as essential and vice-versa.

Our philosophy of ‘bringing true musical experiences to people’ is as important as ever. We continue to do that through innovation, immaculate craft and high quality components.

At Marten, it’s business as usual.

Meet Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo

Our clients are discerning consumers, so we made films for the Oscar series – brief introductions to Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo.

This is just the beginning of product films for Marten. In the future, we hope to give you more in-depth content. Writing scripts, creating storyboards and working with filmmakers is a new and exciting process for us – one we look forward to repeating soon.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy our Oscar films.

A ‘down-to-earth’ advert for the Oscar series

Our latest advert, featuring the Oscar series, may be a little to big for its own boots. In early discussions about the film, we may have used phrases like: “Out of this world”.

In reality, we believe we have achieved something by re-designing the technology and delivering sound worthy of our product range and the Marten name. Oscar pushes custom technology to its limits, performing exceptionally against higher-level Marten models.

So, please excuse our excitement and perhaps a little indulgence for this “tongue-in-cheek” advert.