Collaboration at the high end

26th June 2024
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Last month, at High End Munich 2024, we debuted Coltrane Quintet to much acclaim. Our latest model was also featured in the Jorma and Engström room. This room was an exceptional collaboration between Coltrane Quintet, Jorma cabling and Engström electronics.

Contributions from elite producers KECES, Antipodes, MSB, TechDAS, Reed, Supatrack, and Solid-Tech, added further gravitas to the system. This room exemplified the balance needed when composing a system of premium audio components. Coltrane Quintet worked seamlessly with the high-performance system, delivering a sound that was dynamic and precise. 

“No matter the music, the Engstrom/Marten system played music with balanced tone, transparency to the recorded source, and forceful energy, yet it also sounded intimate and personal.”

The new Coltrane Quintet


Engström installed their formidable ARNE, ERIC, LARS, MONICA, and M-phono models. These amplifiers are celebrated for their ability to convey rich, emotive soundscapes with exceptional clarity and depth.

Jorma introduced their new Paragon Power cable alongside acclaimed Statement loudspeaker and interconnects. These cables ensured pristine signal transmission, preserving the intricate nuances and dynamic range of the music with utmost fidelity.

And Marten brought the new Coltrane Quintet to the setup, offering a sonic experience characterised by articulate highs, rich, deep lows, and a soundstage that transported listeners to the heart of each performance.

Attendees immersed themselves in music that transcended mere sound reproduction. The system effortlessly conveyed the delicate textures of acoustic instruments, the emotive timbres of vocal performances, and the thunderous impact of orchestral crescendos, evoking an emotional response that resonated deeply with enthusiasts that descended on Munich.

Feedback from attendees resounded with acclaim for the cohesive synergy and impeccable integration of components, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the collected audio artisans.

As the echoes of High End Munich 2024 linger, this extraordinary collaboration continues to inspire anticipation for future work together. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter, and hope that it affords new opportunities to work with visionary brands.

High End Munich 2024 room report
Marten Isolator A/B demo