Coltrane 3

The new Coltrane 3 is a landmark creation, a technical tour de force that brings together Marten’s most advanced research and sound engineering to date. It features the same ground-breaking technology first developed for the Coltrane Supreme 2, all beautifully packaged in a more lounge-friendly form.

From the cabinets to the smallest components, the Coltrane 3 uses exclusive, premium materials to continue the Coltrane commitment to superior structure and sound. First order filters and CELL concept drivers developed in partnership with Accuton deliver a sound that is perfectly time and phase coherent. The tweeters, midrange and bass drivers have identical acoustic centres to give outstanding timing and flow. And distortion is unbelievably low, for superb levels of detail and resolution, with minimal colouring of the sound, even at high volume.

These 3 way speakers employ the newly developed Cell drivers. The Cell tweeter cone is made of pure diamond
The Cell mid range unit is made from a new pure ceramic, premiered in Coltrane 3. 1st order crossover – a feature first developed for the Coltrane Supreme 2. Based on the joint venture with Accuton and their CELL technology, it creates a sound that is 100% time and phase coherent. Front – extremely rigid featuring a new aluminium layer sandwiched between two wooden layers.

• Stand – bigger and sturdier than Coltrane 2
• Wheel mounts – for easy handling and fine-tuning
• Superior Bass control – a greater selection of levels
• Finishes – available in a new wider selection of colourways and finishes

Cell Concept

CELL concept drivers

Our joint venture with Accuton represents a new milestone in hi-fi history. Accuton developed the unique CELL concept drivers used within the Coltrane Supreme 2. Tweeters, midrange and bass drivers have identical acoustic centres, delivering flawless phase and time coherency. The domes in the units are perfectly rigid, for impeccable signal settle and piston behaviour. And there is incredibly low distortion, in the magnitude of electronic devices, even at high levels.

• Steady decay of higher order harmonics
• High bandwidth.

Accuton cooperation



Frequency range / 20-60000 Hz +-2dB
Power rating / 350 W
Sensitivity / 88 dB / 1 m / 2.83V
Impedance / 6 ohm (3.7 Ohm min)
Type / 3-way bass reflex
Drive units /
2x10² aluminium sandwich , 1x7² ceramic, 1x1² diamond
Crossover frequency / first order: 320 & 3800 Hz
Terminals / WBT, bi-wiring
Internal wiring / Jorma Design
Cabinet / 25 mm:s carbon fibre laminate cabinet, 68 mm laminated wood/aluminium front
Stands / Brushed stainless steel with Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones
Dimensions (WxHxD) /
39.5 cm x122 cm x 64 cm (15.5² x 48.0² x 25.2²)
Net weight / 95 Kg (209 lbs)


All models have high-gloss carbon fibre sides with fronts available in warm grey.

  • Warm Grey
  • Dark Gold
  • Matte Oak
  • Matte Maple
  • Matte Cherry
  • Matte Walnut
  • Piano Black

internal cabling

Coltrane 3 comes with Jorma Design Duality internal cabling. This can be upgraded to the flagship series Statement.