Marten Isolator A/B demo

4th July 2024

Marten Isolators were originally introduced with the Parker series in 2020. Our trust in this technology has always been strong and was validated at High End Munich 2024. In the IsoAcoustics room, a live A/B demonstration—featuring Parker Trio—showcased the significant impact of Marten Isolators on sound quality.

The Setup

The inception model, Parker Trio Diamond Edition was featured in Piano White and Piano Black finishes. The white speakers were equipped with Marten Isolators, while the black speakers used traditional spikes. This setup allowed attendees to directly compare the acoustic performance of the two.

A Clear Winner

During the A/B demonstration, attendees switched between the white pair with Marten Isolators and the black pair with spikes. The difference was immediately apparent. The music played through the speakers with Marten Isolators exhibited a remarkable difference in clarity and detail. Listeners noted the following enhancements:

  1. Improved Bass Definition: The bass was tighter and more controlled, eliminating the muddiness often associated with vibrations and resonance.
  2. Enhanced Midrange Clarity: Vocals and instruments in the midrange were clearer, with a more natural and lifelike presence.
  3. Superior High-Frequency Detail: The high frequencies were crisper and more precise, allowing for a more immersive listening experience.
  4. Broader Soundstage: The overall soundstage was wider and deeper, giving the impression of a more expansive and three-dimensional audio landscape.

“The feedback from the Munich High End Show has been incredibly gratifying. We take pride in our partnership with Marten, striving together to achieve the highest standards of audio clarity and precision for our customers.” 

Precision Engineering

The core of Marten Isolators lies in IsoAcoustics’ advanced isolation technology, which incorporates several key elements. First, the isolators are engineered with high-precision machining and materials, ensuring optimal stability and performance. This precision allows the speaker to decouple from the supporting surface, effectively reducing unwanted vibrations. Additionally, the isolators utilise proprietary isolation elements designed to absorb and dissipate vibrational energy, which reduces internal reflections within the speakers that can colour the sound and introduce distortion.

This advanced technology also allows for controlled, multi-directional movement, managing the energy of the speaker in alignment with the natural movement of sound waves and maintaining the integrity of the audio signal. Furthermore, Marten Isolators are tailored to the specific weight and size of each Marten model, ensuring optimised weight distribution. This precise tailoring guarantees consistent performance, providing maximum isolation effectiveness and significantly enhancing the overall audio experience.

The Verdict

Feedback from High End Munich 2024 attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Listeners praised Marten Isolators for their ability to significantly enhance the listening experience. Many attendees expressed amazement at how the isolators could make such a substantial difference in musical presentation.

The Best, As Standard

Marten Isolators come as standard on Marten speaker models*, ensuring that every listener will experience the highest level of audio fidelity right out of the box. This integration underscores our commitment to delivering superior sound quality and innovation.


The demonstration of Marten Isolators by IsoAcoustics in Munich was a resounding success. By integrating Marten Isolators into all our speaker models, we ensure that listeners hear only the sound in the recording, and nothing more.

*  Marten Isolators available as an upgrade for Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo

Collaboration at the high end
Marten Isolator A/B demo