What you get
Headline performance.

Its 3-way design uses Diamond tweeters by Accuton, achieving such a high clarity of sound that you’ll believe the musicians are playing in your room.

With control over the bass, two sandwich bass drivers deliver full and controlled sound over the lower frequencies – filling your space with rich music.

  • 3-way ported
  • Mundorf enhanced crossover
  • Accuton sandwich bass drivers
  • Bass control 3 x 1dB steps

“...Bird 2 is one of the finest examples of successful R&D in the world of loudspeakers”

Keijo Tanskanen | High End News
Perfect balance.

Two sandwich bass units using the latest Accuton technology, deliver exceptional power and control over lower frequencies.

Combined with the ceramic mid-range unit and custom-made 20mm diamond tweeter these rigid materials deliver a beautifully distortion-free sound. A bass reflex underneath the cabinet means it can be placed near a back wall, making it easier to integrate into your living space.

“Bird 2 delivers a punctual reproduction of music patterns and specifically attractive and big sonic view – a true way to lifetime listening pleasure”

Keijo Tanskanen | High End News
Your space
Music as refined as your home.

Music is your environment, as much as your sofa or the pictures on your wall: it enhances the space around you. The Heritage series fits seamlessly in to your home, giving you visual appeal as well as award-winning sound.

All models have high finish, veneered and lacquered cabinets.
Piano Walnut
Matte Walnut
Piano Black

Technical specifications

Speaker (front)

2 x 9 ” Ceramic sandwich

1 x 7 ” Ceramic

1 x 3/4 ” Diamond

Frequency range
25-100000 Hz ±3dB

Power rating
300 W

89 dB / 2.83V

6 ohm (4.7 min)

3-way ported ( 26 Hz )

Crossover frequency
Second order: 250, 3000 Hz

Low loss copper foil coils and silver/gold in oil capacitors

Single-wiring WBT

Internal wiring
Jorma Design

26mm veneered MDF

Steel stands with Marten cones and pucks

Dimensions W x H x D
28 x 116 x 46 cm (11 x 45.6 x 18.1 ”)

Net weight
49 Kg (109 lbs)

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