Supreme Sessions 2

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Supreme Sessions 2 is, as the name suggests, our second release on Marten Recordings – created in 2014 and 2015.

“We wanted to get right to the heart of the audio world: the music and the recording,” explains Leif Olofsson. “We wanted to create our own reference in our own environment by using the finest possible equipment.

“Recording with just two high-quality microphones is the method most akin to human hearing. So listening to the sessions through our own loudspeakers in the same state-of-the-art room used for the recording gives us what we need to keep developing even better loudspeakers.”

With Supreme Sessions 2, we used our experience from the previous recording to develop our techniques and explore different genres of music. In other words, we really went for it.

The lifelong musical experience and contacts of producer, bass player and recording engineer Peter Axelsson were essential. He created an exciting mix of instrumentals and vocals with versatile sounds and timbres from a range of exotic acoustic instruments. Highlights include the imposing ‘Requiem for a Machine’ performed by Rhythm Art Duo. And we introduce the wonderful Cuban singer Lisette Hernandez Pigueiras in her debut recording on CD.

The CD’s 20 tracks also feature music from Bartók, Piazzolla and Ravel together with jazz performed by outstanding Swedish musicians. “To enjoy and appreciate the natural sound and dynamics of these live recordings, this record is best played at a realistic sound level,” explains Leif. “Play it as if you were there at the performance.”

Supreme Sessions 2 support
Jorma Design - cables
Marten - speakers
MSB - A/D converter
Shoeps - microphones
SMT - room acoustics