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High-End loudspeakers for the premium home.
Marten has been reproducing music for the home for two decades. Our aim is to close the gap between the live and the home listening experience: letting you relive your finest musical moments. Our speakers are proudly designed and crafted in Sweden using exclusive technology and fine materials.
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New Series: Parker
The past and future of listening.

Parker represents our next milestone in design. Taking classic elements of the Marten build, we’ve upped the game on many fronts. Parker has a full complement of custom drivers, passive radiators, resonance-free cabinets, a multi-diverse crossover technique and newly designed Marten pucks. Parker looks to the past and strides into the future. It’s a classic in the making.

Parker Quintet

The flagship loudspeaker is power and prestige in a 2.5-way floorstander. Parker Quintet is powerful and controlled, with nine custom drivers and Jorma Design internal cables. The build is our most resonance-free to date, featuring improved cabinet design and new Marten pucks. With an upgrade to Diamond edition, it's one of our best living room speakers yet. New for 2020

Parker Trio

This 2.5-way floorstander is the ideal loudspeaker for your living space. Custom designed drivers work hard with the multi diverse crossover to deliver power and control. Parker Trio is powerful and elegant; its resonance-free cabinet blends in with your surroundings, leaving dynamic and crystal clear sound. New for 2020

Parker Duo

Our latest stand speaker is 2-way and built on our reputation for outstanding bookshelf models. Parker Duo is designed for extreme resonance reduction, with all new custom drivers, passive radiators and a superior cabinet design. Delivering sound that is full of power and control, it’s optimised for performance in large living spaces. New for 2020


Marten studio
A perfect feedback loop

The Marten Studio plays a big part in our design process. Here, we record live music using our dual microphone set-up. What we learn from these sessions informs the design of our speakers - if you understand the recording process, you understand how to translate music faithfully.

Day-to-day, our state-of-the-art listening room is the perfect place to sit back and listen to music.

Models shown: Mingus Orchestra & Mingus Twenty.
Room acoustics: SMT


A higher order of crossover

To create natural sound, a good understanding of the science is vital. Our Coltrane and Mingus series combine first order crossover technology, with units that correctly align the acoustic centre. Managing distortion and time optimisation is key to the design process.

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