Coltrane Quintet

Introducing Coltrane Quintet, the latest evolution in our speaker lineup, building upon the esteemed heritage of Coltrane. For those who seek exceptional sound quality and immersion, Coltrane Quintet represents the culmination of years of engineering expertise and dedication to sonic perfection.

Sound without barrier

Driven by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio fidelity, we embarked on a mission to create a speaker that surpasses the already remarkable performance of its predecessor. Coltrane Quintet is the result of our continuing pursuit of reality in music, offering listeners an experience that defies conventional limitations.


To achieve the necessary performance of a speaker in this class, Coltrane Quintet features more custom drivers than any model before. In the top end it utilises our pure diamond tweeter, offering crystal clear, transparent sound. Our pure beryllium driver bridges the high-midrange frequencies, and for the first time, we have designed a convex carbon fibre mid-bass.

Polished carbon fibre

The Coltrane series has always used carbon fibre for its rigidity and resonance reduction properties. It’s one of its strong points, if you’ll excuse the pun. One of our principles is to choose materials for function: for its service to sound reproduction. Material form follows a close second. Happily, carbon fibre ticks both boxes. Our newly developed carbon fibre cabinet now shows-off this material for the first time.

Experience like
no other

Prepare to be immersed in unparalleled audio with Coltrane Quintet. From the deepest lows to the most delicate highs, each note is faithfully reproduced with clarity and precision. Experience the subtle nuances and intricate details of your recordings—with Coltrane Quintet, every listening session becomes an experience, transporting you to the very heart of the performance.

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