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Coltrane Control

Featuring our signature first-order crossover and custom drivers—pure diamond tweeter, beryllium high-midrange, and new carbon fibre mid-bass—alongside aluminium sandwich bass drivers in a bass reflex design. With a cabinet 25% larger than the Coltrane 3, it delivers deeper bass. The carbon fibre cabinet offers superior resonance control, maintaining the sleek Coltrane profile with structural enhancements for stability. Available in polished carbon fibre laminate or lacquered Piano Black finish.

  • 4-way bass reflex
  • Custom pure diamond tweeter
  • Custom pure beryllium high-midrange
  • Custom convex carbon fibre mid-bass
  • Signature first order crossover
  • Jorma internal wiring
  • Marten Isolators

“It feels like a challenge to update Coltrane, but I can happily say that the new model has exceeded all expectations. You should hear how low the bass frequencies go.”

Leif Olofsson | Chief Designer, Marten
6000-60000 Hz
Custom diamond tweeter

Coltrane Quintet’s pure diamond tweeter offers the best in sound reproduction, leveraging diamond’s unique properties for unrivalled clarity and precision.

With its exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio, pure diamond ensures instantaneous response without distortion, revealing intricate details with accuracy. Additionally, diamond’s thermal conductivity guarantees stable performance even under intense listening conditions, preserving the tweeter’s integrity and longevity.

Integrating this tweeter into Coltrane Quintet offers an immersive, lifelike listening experience that sets an enviable standard in high-end audio reproduction.

1000-6000 Hz
Custom beryllium high midrange

Our pure beryllium high-midrange driver epitomises our pursuit of sonic perfection. Tailored with precision, it harnesses beryllium’s exceptional properties for performance. Its stiffness, lightness, and damping ensure accurate reproduction of vocals and instruments with precision.

The driver’s fast transient response captures every nuance of the original recording, while its seamless integration with our signature first-order crossover ensures coherence across frequencies. In Coltrane Quintet, this driver delivers unmatched clarity, detail, and musicality: bringing music to life.

170-1000 Hz
Custom convex carbon fibre mid-bass

The convex carbon fibre mid-bass driver offers a host of benefits to offer Coltrane Quintet. Its convex shape enhances rigidity while minimising weight, allowing for greater piston-like motion and improved transient response. This translates into tighter, more articulate bass reproduction with remarkable speed and accuracy, ensuring every note is delivered with precision and impact.

Furthermore, the use of carbon fibre provides exceptional damping properties, reducing unwanted resonance and distortion for a cleaner, more transparent sound. This means you can enjoy controlled, powerful bass without any muddiness, even at high volumes.

18-170 Hz
Aluminium sandwich bass

Coltrane Quintet features 2 x 10” aluminium sandwich drivers meticulously engineered for exemplary bass performance. These drivers excel in delivering deep, powerful bass with exceptional clarity and precision. The aluminium sandwich construction ensures optimal stiffness and damping, minimising distortion and resonance for a tight, articulate bass response.

These drivers ensure every note in the lower ranges are reproduced with stunning detail and impact, allowing you to really feel the music. 

Show of strength

Using carbon fibre for Coltrane Quintet’s cabinets is an easy choice, due to its superior technological advantages and profound impact on sound quality. Its rigidity and low resonance minimise cabinet vibrations, ensuring the drivers operate with maximum accuracy. This results in transparent and natural sound reproduction, capturing every detail of the music.

Available in polished carbon fibre for those that want to reveal the strength of the material.

Have it your way

The Coltrane Quintet baffle can be constructed from solid wood or high-gloss lacquered fibreboard—both layered with aluminium for stability and resonance reduction.

Opt for, carefully selected walnut or oak to give you a warm, natural finish, or for those more bold among us, there are five contemporary gloss finishes: Piano Black, Piano Grey, Piano Plum, Piano Red and Piano Gold.

See Finishes selector below

Internal wiring
Premium cables for pure sound.

We take every detail seriously to ensure the best possible listening experience. That’s why we use Jorma internal wiring, which are handmade in Sweden to the highest standards of quality and performance. Using separate + and – conductors, Jorma cables offer enhanced shielding and the highest quality copper, resulting in a natural, transparent sound that perfectly complements our speaker design. Jorma delivers exactly what we need to achieve the best possible sound.

Free your music

Reducing resonance is crucial to the design of our speakers as it can significantly impact the sound quality. That’s why we developed Marten Isolators with IsoAcoustics technology. These precision isolators separate the cabinet from the floor, reducing resonance and distortion—freeing the soundstage.

  • Dynamic bass with power and control
  • Natural openness and clarity
  • Optimised for cabinet weight
  • Resists lateral movement and oscillations 
  • Reduces internal reflections
  • Suitable for carpet (with discs)
First class as always.

The first order crossover has always been an integral component of the Coltrane sound. The crossover for Coltrane Quintet offers sound which is open, clean and dynamic, making it exceptionally powerful in the bass frequencies. This type of crossover makes it possible to have perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. This means that all registers are generated at the exact same moment, as it was recorded.

We use only the finest components for our crossovers:

  • Copper foil air core coils
  • Silver/Copper in oil/paper capacitors
  • Silver/Gold capacitors
  • Custom-made resistors
  • Jorma internal wiring
Statement Edition.

Coltrane Quintet can be upgraded to Statement Edition, featuring Jorma Statement internal cables and the highest quality crossover components.

"To meet the needs of Coltrane Quintet we are using more custom drivers than ever before”

Jörgen Olofsson | CEO, Marten
Your space
Demanding speakers for demanding listeners.

Placing a Coltrane in your house is a commitment that really pays off. They require considered placement and set-up. Like the best things in life, you only get out what you put in. If you want to bring the live music experience to your home, there should be no compromise.

Main body: Carbon fibre laminate (20-30 mm) with optional Piano Black finish
Front baffle: Solid wood / lacquered fibreboard in rich, high-gloss colours. Aluminium sandwich
Matte Oak
Matte Walnut
Piano Black
Piano Grey
Piano Plum
Piano Red
Piano Gold

Technical specifications


1” pure diamond

3” pure beryllium

7” carbon fibre

2 x 10” aluminium sandwich

Frequency range
18-60000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating
350 W

89 dB/2.83 V

4 ohms (3.0 Ohms min)

4-way bass reflex

Crossover frequency
First order:
170, 1000, 6000 Hz

WBT Nextgen Bi-wire

Internal wiring
Jorma (optional Statement)

20-30 mm carbon fibre laminate Piano lacquer with front baffle in a sandwich with aluminium, fibre board and solid wood.

Mirror polished stainless steel with Marten Isolators

Dimensions W x H x D
41.2 x 120.5 x 74 cm 
(16.2 x 47.4 x 29.1”)

With stands / isolators
52.5 x 127.9 x 78.8 cm
(20.7 x 50.4 x 31”)

Net weight
115 kg (255 lbs)

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