What you get
Precision and power combined.

Mingus Septet is a heavy-weight four-way speaker that boasts seven drivers. Custom Marten pure diamond tweeters and beryllium high midrange drivers ensure every detail is captured with clarity and precision.

Our first-order crossover provides open, clean, and dynamic sound, while the advanced damping mats, wooden tops and bottoms, and 4mm aluminium plate ensure a neutral cabinet with superb resonance control. Marten Isolators further reduce resonance by separating the cabinet from the supporting surface.

  • Custom pure diamond tweeter
  • Custom Beryllium high midrange
  • First order crossover
  • Passive bass drivers
  • Marten Isolators
Stereo Sound magazine | Japan
Diamond tweeter • 6000-40000 Hz

We created custom pure diamond tweeters for Mingus Septet. Diamond is an extremely hard and rigid material, allowing it to vibrate very quickly without deforming or breaking. It can produce very accurate sound reproduction without distortion, even at high volumes.

Diamond has a very high stiffness-to-weight ratio, meaning that it can move quickly and accurately with minimal energy input. This allows it to produce sound with minimal distortion or damping. It is also a good conductor of heat— it can dissipate the heat generated by the speaker coil more effectively than other materials. This allows the speaker to operate at high power levels without overheating or damaging the voice coil.

The newly designed first order crossover harnesses the natural clarity and purity of diamond, while softening any harshness.

Beryllium high midrange • 800-6000 Hz
Strength within.

Our custom-designed high midrange drivers are made from one of the most reliable materials in the industry: beryllium. This metal is lighter than ceramic, offering a faster transient response and high efficiency. Known for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, it’s high in damping and low in resonance, making it an ideal choice for high-performance drivers.

Ceramic mid-bass midrange • 200-800 Hz
Advanced tech, natural sound.

The ceramic domes in Mingus Septet are made of a stiff, light, and extremely rigid ceramic material known as ‘sapphire’, making it a great choice in this frequency range. The refined electrochemical process used to create these domes results in a high internal damping factor, which helps minimise distortion and provides a level of clarity that is perfect for high-end speaker domes.

Bass • 45-200 Hz
Low frequencies. Low distortion.

The bass driver units in Mingus Septet have long excursion, extremely low distortion levels, and a hidden surround. The drivers are made of aluminium sandwich honeycomb which offer rich, dynamic bass performance and a powerful presentation.

Passive bass • 23-45 Hz
Gut feeling.

Mingus Septet, like its bigger cousin Mingus Orchestra, has 10” passive aluminium sandwich drivers to enhance the overall bass response, resulting in fuller, more rounded bass.

Form and function unified.

Mingus Septet is tapered to create fewer sound reflections and a sleek form. It is crafted with the finest materials, including specially selected medium-density fiberboard with optimum rigidity to create high-quality, resonance-free cabinets. The internal structure and bracing keep the cabinet rigid, while advanced materials dampen resonance inside.

Each cabinet is finished with precision lacquering, the lacquer carefully built up of seven layers, each hand-polished in between drying.

Tops and bottom
Finish how you want

Mingus Septet can be finished with tops and bottoms in solid wood or high-gloss lacquered fibreboard.

Opt for, carefully selected walnut or oak to give you a warm, natural finish, or for those more bold among us, there are five contemporary gloss finishes: Piano Black, Piano Grey, Piano Plum, Piano Red and Piano Gold.

See Finishes selector below

Internal wiring
Premium cables for pure sound.

We take every detail seriously to ensure the best possible listening experience. That’s why we use Jorma internal wiring, which are handmade in Sweden to the highest standards of quality and performance. Using separate + and – conductors, Jorma cables offer enhanced shielding and the highest quality copper, resulting in a natural, transparent sound that perfectly complements our speaker design. Jorma delivers exactly what we need to achieve the best possible sound.

A new level of isolation.

Reducing resonance is crucial to the design of our speakers, as it can significantly impact the sound quality. That’s why we developed Marten Isolators with IsoAcoustics technology. These precision isolators separate the cabinet from the floor, reducing resonance and distortion, and freeing the soundstage.

  • Dynamic bass with increased power and control
  • Natural openness and clarity
  • Optimised for cabinet weight
  • Resists lateral movement and oscillations 
  • Reduces internal reflections
  • Suitable for carpet (with discs)
First class as always.

The first order crossover has always been an integral component of the Mingus sound. The new crossover for Mingus Septet offers sound which is more open, cleaner, and dynamic, making it exceptionally powerful in the bass frequencies. This type of crossover makes it possible to have perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. This means that all registers are generated at the exact same moment, as it was recorded.

We use only the finest components for our crossovers:

  • Copper foil air core coils
  • Silver/Copper in oil/paper capacitors
  • Silver/Gold capacitors
  • Custom-made resistors
  • Jorma internal cabling
Statement Edition.

Mingus Septet can be upgraded to Statement Edition, featuring Jorma Statement internal cables and higher quality crossover components.

"We’re really pushing forward with the technology in Mingus Septet and the improvements feel profound”

Jörgen Olofsson | CEO, Marten
Your space
Lounge and listener friendly.

Mingus Septet is suited to a wide range of rooms, offering true audiophile sound in a sleek, contemporary package. And with 4 levels of bass control, it is easy to place in smaller living spaces.

Main body: Piano Black fibre laminate (25-40 mm).
Tops and bottoms: Solid wood / lacquered fibreboard in rich, high-gloss colours.
Matte Oak
Matte Walnut
Piano Black
Piano Grey
Piano Plum
Piano Red
Piano Gold

Technical specifications

Speaker (front)

1” pure diamond

3” pure beryllium

7” pure ceramic

2 x 8” aluminium sandwich

Speaker (back)

2 x 10″ Passive Aluminium sandwich

Frequency range
23-40000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating
300 W

88 dB / 2.83 V

4 ohms (2.7 Ohms min)


Crossover frequency
First order: 200, 800, 6000 Hz

WBT Nextgen Bi-wire

Internal wiring
Jorma (optional Statement)

25-40 mm fibreboard laminate cabinet in Piano Black; tops and bottoms in solid wood or lacquered in different colours; advanced damping mat.

Mirror polished stainless steel with Marten Isolators

Dimensions W x H x D
33.5 x 126 x 46 cm
 (13.2" x 49.6" x 18.1")

Net weight
95 kg (211 lbs)

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