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Same team. New players.

With custom designed technology and perfectly balanced build techniques, Parker Quintet is new in every way, but remains faithful to the Marten way of recreating sound as it is in life. With extreme resonance reduction, the cabinet is truly free of the soundstage, letting music and emotion take centre stage.


  • 2.5-way floor-standing
  • Brand new custom designed drivers
  • 4x bass/midrange drivers
  • Multi-diverse crossover technique
  • High sensitivity: 93 dB
Stereo Sound magazine | Japan
Distortion free; pure and powerful.

The cabinet features sleek, tapering sides created from M-board, a multi-layered material offering extreme resonance reduction. Parker Quintet is so resonance-free, it completely disappears within the soundstage. The newly designed cabinet balances visual appeal with low-impact on sound.

Smaller scale design for bigger results.

Ceramic drivers are custom designed by Leif Olofsson to meet the needs of a loudspeaker in this class. Each unit has a very long linear excursion and utilises the powerful Neodynium magnet system for control. Custom designed components allows a more holistic way of building a system, making Parker Quintet a super-refined Marten speaker.

Diamond Edition

Parker Quintet can be upgraded to Diamond Edition, featuring a pure Diamond tweeter, Jorma Statement internal cables, more advanced crossover components and improved terminals. All Parker models can be elevated to the ultimate in premium loudspeakers.

Full. Controlled. Dynamic.

Designed for the system, four 7.5” bass/midrange ceramic drivers offer a large surface area resulting in an open, precise soundstage and great dynamics, while four passive radiators give better control of the lower frequencies. A speaker of this class demands the ultimate in bass response.

A harder working crossover.

A multi-diverse crossover technique was developed through hours of listening and testing, plus rigorous simulation, calculation and measurement. We’ve really put the work in with this crossover, using the best components and precisely tuning it to work with the system.

Premium cables for purer sound.

We use Jorma Design internal wiring, for its exemplary quality and performance. Handmade in Sweden, the cables use separate + and – for enhanced shielding and the highest quality Copper. This offers natural, transparent sound; the perfect choice for our speakers.

Cables are integral components, so they must work harmoniously with our precision design and build. Jorma Design delivers exactly what a Marten speaker demands.

A new level of isolation.

The reduction of resonance is important to the design of our speakers – it can mean the difference between a good speaker and a great speaker. With IsoAcoustics we created Marten Isolators. This precision product allows the cabinet to be completely isolated from the floor, reducing resonance and distortion – leaving the soundstage free.

  • Dynamic bass with increased power and control
  • Natural openness and clarity
  • Optimised for cabinet weight
  • Resists lateral movement and oscillations 
  • Reduces internal reflections
  • Suitable for carpet
Your space
Powerful performance. Anywhere.

Parker works well at every scale - from the most modest, to the grandest of rooms. It’s a broad statement, but because each model has the same quality of driver units, cabinet and crossover, even the smallest model, Parker Duo, has the ability to command a large living space.

High finish laminated cabinets.
Piano Walnut
Matte Walnut
Piano Black
Piano White

Technical specifications

Speaker (front)

1″ pure ceramic tweeter (upgradable to Diamond)

4 x 7.5″ ceramic bass/midrange

Speaker (back)

4 x 9″ Aluminium passive radiator

Crossover components

Ceramic version
Polypropylene capacitors and copper foil inductors

Diamond edition
Copper foil capacitors and copper foil inductors


Frequency range
24-40000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating
350 W

93 dB/2.83 V

4 ohms (2.7 Ohms min)


Crossover frequency
Multi diverse order,
2200 Hz

WBT Nextgen

Internal wiring
Jorma Design

35 mm M-board
Piano Walnut, Matte Walnut or Piano Black

Stands and feet
Mirror polished stainless steel with
Marten Isolators

Dimensions W x H x D
24-33 x 117 x 54 cm
(9.4-13 x 46 x 21.3")

Net weight
60 kg (133 lbs)

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