Our range

More than ever before.

Coltrane, Mingus, Parker and Oscar present our finest line-up yet. Our current range is more refined, more powerful and more Marten than ever. We design and produce our series using a balance of advanced components, fine materials and good design. All our speakers are hand-made by our craftsmen in Sweden.

Coltrane series

The flagship series has produced many milestones for Marten. Our design and technology breakthroughs start here and trickle down through the range. Coltrane’s signature design is immediately recognisable, but it’s the sound that no one can forget.

MINGUS series

The penultimate series continues to grow as a vital part of the range. With diamond drivers as standard, the sound is renowned in high end circles. Mingus offers sophisticated design with cabinets that are both sleek and strong in form.

PARKER series

The strength of this series relies on simple form, powerful sound and lounge-friendly appeal – a formula that Marten has built successes on. Parker has a full complement of custom drivers and is quickly becoming one of the strongest and most popular series we have ever produced.

OSCAR series

This series offers true Marten sound at a competitive price-point. Designed from the ground-up, it maximises the potential of tailor-made components. Oscar delivers sound worthy of the high end praise it has received.