Our range
It begins and ends with music.
Our models are designed with music as the most important factor, defining innovation and technology. We use fine materials and leading technology in our beautifully designed cabinets. There are Five series - each designed with a specific person in mind, because we all have different tastes, needs and homes.

The foundation of speaker design.

The first Coltrane model set a precedence and established Coltrane as the flagship series. Coltrane has always pushed design boundaries at Marten; ultimate speakers are always the goal. The signature design has gravity which influences design direction at Marten; it demands to be experienced.

Power and control in perfect balance.

Mingus is a contender to the throne. Powered by technology developed for the Coltrane series, it’s easy to see why. With design cues from Heritage, the Mingus series is the perfect marriage of both. More lounge-friendly than Coltrane, it lacks none of the confidence.

A classic choice is always clear.

Heritage captures our philosophy of simple design and truthful sound reproduction; delivering clean and transparent sound. The speakers disappear within the soundstage, leaving just you and the music. Beautifully designed, veneered and lacquered cabinets make the Heritage series as easy on the eye, as the ear.

Not everyone is a team player.

The Django series is the result of a radical design process to get more out of a Marten build, at a competitive price. It was a challenge we set ourselves. Django are perfect all-round speakers; powerful without sacrifice to performance. True to the Marten philosophy with a youthful attitude.

A new generation of sound.

The Oscar series was created to meet the demand for a reasonably-priced Marten speaker, without sacrifice to our renowned sound and quality. To keep the same Marten sound we designed a brand new driver, allowing more control of the details and the ability to re-design the build.
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