Frequently Asked Questions
Our Chief Designer gives his opinion.
How should I place my speakers?

Start by creating an equilateral triangle between the speakers and a sweet spot. To get this, move either the listening area or change the distance between the speakers.

It’s important and worth taking the time to adjust speaker placement after the system is burned in. Even a small adjustment can make a big difference. Try moving them in all directions and aiming them in or out, depending on your room and taste. If you want a focused sound, direct them towards the sweet spot. For a more open sound, direct them outwards.

Generally, the closer the speakers are placed to a back wall, the heavier the bass becomes. Placed further out from the wall, the sound will have more depth and a larger soundstage.

Is this speaker too big for my room?

It’s always wise to choose a speaker that works with your size room. A larger speaker needs more space behind it and a bigger distance to the listening area.

What can I do to improve my room?

All rooms are different, so if you move the speakers backwards or forwards, not only bass frequencies are affected. These can be adjusted with diffusers behind the system.

If possible, it’s important to diffuse or absorb the first sound reflex in the ceiling and side walls. We often make use of large base traps but this can also absorb other registers.

When it comes to room acoustics, don’t just absorb, try diffusing too. This is often a matter of taste.

What type of amplifier works best with Marten loudspeakers?

We can’t recommend a specific brand, but it in general terms, the quality should be the same as the speaker and it should be fairly powerful. Instead of tuning the sound of your system with cables and tweaks, we recommend tuning it with the electronics. This is where you can really define the character of the sound. Pick your own favourite.

It’s important to test the electronics with the speakers before buying.

What cables do you recommend?

We use Jorma Design cables inside our speakers, so we can definitely recommend the external cables for use with Marten. Jorma Design have been a sister company of Marten since 2017.

If you want to use another brand, we recommend using neutral cables and the same brand for the whole system.

Where can I listen to Marten speakers?

Start by checking our Representatives page to see if you have a distributor or dealer in your area. If you cannot find anyone close to you, please get in touch.

We always show our latest models in our own room at the Munich High-End show every May, as well as other international shows – check our Journal for upcoming events.

How does the first order crossover work?
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