What you get
The ideal vantage point.

Greater detail means greater clarity, with a soundstage that is more vivid than before.

You can hear exactly where the musicians are located on the stage. Even, how far back a drummer might be placed in a three-dimensional space.

The speakers truly disappear within the soundstage; leaving you with a real sense of the musicians and the space. The feeling of live performance.

"You need to have all the information that's on the recording. And to get that, you have to have extremely low distortion."

Leif Olofsson | Chief Designer


Step Response
The natural flow.

The first order allows sound to reach our ears as it would naturally. The graphs show the differences in the time domain between a higher order and a first order crossover. The registers reach the ear at different points in time.

Higher Order

Well designed loudspeaker with higher order crossover with midrange connected in reversed phase (negative polarity)

First Order

Loudspeaker with 1st order crossover and optimal time response with all drivers connected with optimal phase (positive polarity).

“Our new sound is purer, has higher resolution and is more dynamic.
The natural tonal balance of the Coltrane and Mingus series feels softer and more laidback compared to ‘normal’ high end loudspeakers."
Leif Olofsson | Chief Designer
First order and Cell
Precision technology.

A crossover is a filter that splits the audio signal into treble, midrange and bass. The first order crossover makes it possible to have perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence.

Normal acoustic centre

To realise the full potential of the first order crossover, you need complete control over the driver’s acoustic centre. The acoustic centre is the point of origin of the soundwave. In a normal driver, the location of the acoustic centre can vary widely – flexible cones change shape while playing music and shift the acoustic centre. Thus, treble, midrange and bass hit your ear at different points in time.

Cell acoustic centre

Accuton developed Cell technology with input from Marten. Cell drivers are the only drivers with rigid enough cones, constructed so the acoustic centre is always located at the exact same level: the surface of the speaker baffle. This is true of all registers and allows Marten to align the acoustic centres of the tweeter, midrange and bass precisely.

With all registers perfectly aligned the sound is more genuine. Music flows as it would naturally, giving you a true experience – not a copy of reality.

First order crossover

Marten worked tirelessly to refine the crossover so it would work perfectly with Accuton Cell drivers. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was the clear solution.

The first order crossover makes it possible to have perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. This means that all registers are generated at the exact same moment, as it was recorded. Just like live music.

Watch our video to learn more.

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