High End Munich 2024

1st May 2024

High End Munich 2024 marks our eagerly awaited return to the show-of-shows. And this year—with the unveiling of our new model Coltrane Quintet—it might be one of our best yet.

Premiering in Munich, Coltrane Quintet is the crown jewel of Marten’s showcase, representing a gear shift in audio engineering. Our masterwork stands poised to redefine benchmarks for natural sound reproduction, soundstage presentation, dynamic range and resonance reduction.

Marten room • Atrium 4.1, room F119

At the heart of our show lies the creation of a room-within-a-room, setting the stage for the presentation of our new model. We promise attendees an oasis of sonic purity amidst the cacophony of the show floor.

Coltrane Quintet represents the culmination of Marten’s rigourous pursuit of perfection. As successor to the legendary Coltrane 3 and the first addition to the Coltrane line in six years, it embodies our commitment to sound reproduction. Showcasing the most advanced technology and craftsmanship, Coltrane Quintet promises to deliver the music. After presenting Mingus Septet last year, we have pretty big boots to fill, but we think we’re up to the challenge.

Complemented by Jorma cables and cutting-edge electronics from esteemed partners such as Antipodes, DS Audio, Halcro, MSB, and TechDas, this comprehensive demonstration promises the perfect platform from which to launch Coltrane Quintet.

The system

  • Halcro Eclipse monoblock amplifiers
  • TechDas Air Force III turntable
  • DS Audio Grand Master Extreme optical cartridge
  • Jorma Paragon Power cable
  • Jorma Statement loudspeaker and interconnects
  • Jorma Power Filter Reference
  • Antipodes OLADRA Server
  • Artesania Audio racks

Jorma and Engström room • Atrium 4.2, room F219

Beyond the confines of the Marten room, Coltrane Quintet will also be in full demonstration capacity in the Jorma and Engström room. Here, the debut of the new Jorma Paragon series alongside Engström’s sophisticated electronics will amplify the qualities of our new model.

The system

  • Engström ARNE, ERIC, LARS, MONICA and M-phono
  • Jorma Paragon Power cable
  • Jorma Statement loudspeaker and interconnects
  • Electronics and furniture
    • KECES
    • Antipodes
    • MSB
    • TechDAS
    • Reed
    • Supatrack
    • Solid-Tech

IsoAcoustics room • Atrium 4.2, room F210

Marten invites enthusiasts to partake in a special A/B test environment with IsoAcoustics, where Parker Trio Diamond Edition awaits. This unique opportunity will give attendees the chance to discern the differences that Marten Isolators offer.

WBT room • Atrium 4.1 room E126

In the WBT room, an active demonstration of Oscar Duo further underscores Marten’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the sound that defines the Marten experience across the spectrum.

As High End Munich 2024 unfolds, Marten is poised to contribute meaningfully to the world of high-fidelity audio. With Coltrane Quintet leading the way, Marten invites attendees to explore with us: an auditory experience that promises an enriching journey into music as it should be.

The new Coltrane Quintet
High End Munich 2024