Blast from the past

18th November 2022

At Marten HQ our weeks are well-structured, but occasionally things pop-up that we haven’t planned for; that’s the nature of the business and we welcome it. 

A few weeks ago, we received a delivery that we didn’t expect — the first speaker we ever produced was sent in by a customer for repair.

To say it is the first speaker is not exactly the truth, because this special model is actually a prototype for the first production speaker, Mingus, the earliest ancestor in our line of speakers.

Mingus (right) is pictured with Parker Quintet (left)

We were only too happy to see the this model return and perform the necessary refurbishments for such a long-standing customer. It was a joy to be reminded of this part of Marten history.

“It was a nice surprise to see Mingus (prototype) after more than 25 years, they're one of a kind.”

The prototype Mingus featured an angled front, designed to compensate for the differences in acoustic centre between the treble and bass-midrange drivers. However, limitations in production meant that we could not produce it at high volumes. So Leif came up with a simple solution — tilt the whole cabinet.

Mingus (prototype)
The Original Mingus

It was a pleasure to repair this ‘antique’ and return it to our loyal customer. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded where you came from, but also, how far you’ve traveled.

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