Coltrane 3 at Hi-Files Belgrade

11th October 2023
in Events

Serbia’s capital celebrated its love for music on the 7th and 8th of October 2023 at the renowned Hi-Files Show. This event showcased Coltrane 3 Statement Edition, courtesy of our distributor, BM.

At the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade boasts a captivating blend of historical landmarks and a thriving contemporary music scene. The Hi-Files Show was a testament to Belgrade’s passion for music and culture. Alongside Coltrane 3 SE, our distributor showcased high-end audio manufacturers: Nagra, WAY Cables, Thales, Esoteric, FiData, Dan D’Agostino, and Finite Elemente.


  • Nagra Classic DAC 2 / Nagra Classic Phono amp
  • Nagra Reference MC-6 / EMT HSD 006 MC Cartridges
  • Thales TTT Slim Turntable & Easy Tone Arm
  • Esoteric K01XD SACD / Grandioso G01X Clock
  • FiData HFAS1-XS20U Network Audio Server


  • D’Agostino Momentum M400 Mono amplifiers
  • D’Agostino Momentum PreAmplifier


  • WAY Cables PoetryX analogue XLR & RCA interconnects, digital S/PDIF & AES/EBU links
  • WAY Cables IntuitionX ethernet cable
  • WAY Cables EndlessX speaker cable and jumpers
  • WAY Cables Libertas USB, MIND ethernet, CORE power cords and Union power strip

Rack / Interfaces

  • Finite Elemente Pagode Edition Carbon HD 13

Last weekend, the city of Belgrade came alive, resonating with the sound and music showcased at the Hi-Files Show. We hope that our presence—in fantastic company—left a mark on all who were there to hear the system.

Many thanks to BM for hosting the event.

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