Coltrane 3 SE review in Audio Art

4th October 2022
in Reviews

We don’t know about you, but we love a good review, especially when it’s complimentary. Here’s another from Audio Art — this time for Coltrane 3 SE (Statement Edition).

Our people over at Soundray, Taiwan are confident about the review, and from what we’ve read, it is pretty favourable.  Here’s a short excerpt translated by Google.

Let me start by saying that the Coltrane 3 SE’s sound performance is complete. Impress your body! Coltrane 3 SE has a very dense sound, High, transient response is fast, transparency is very high, empty. The feeling is very good. The contours of instruments and vocals are very stereo, high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency. Distinctive and refreshing features, the analysis of the string group is very powerful. The low-frequency soft Q is full, condensed and elastic, and the resolution is very strong. Quantity is very rich.

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