Full-marks for Mingus Septet

12th December 2023
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We’re all familiar with that moment in competition when judges award full-marks across the board. We’ve seen it play-out at international sporting events, but most often in movies for dramatic effect.

Our prodigy, Mingus Septet has been reviewed in Audio Art Magazine and has wow-ed the judges, who have awarded it a full sweep of top marks. Ok, so this isn’t the Olympics, but the magazine is renowned for its critical assessment of high quality audio products.

“Mingus Septet can fully present the huge contrast between silence and explosive passages in the music, and it is very 'ferocious'.”

Audio Art judge speakers using a category system they call Twenty Essentials of Illustrated Audio. These range from Detail Reproduction to Instruments and Vocals to Soundstage Wide and Deep to High Frequency Band, or just simply, Sound Quality.

“...the transient response is very fast, which It is the unchanging sound quality of Mingus Septet.”

In this month’s copy of the Chinese magazine, the review of Mingus Septet covers technical specifications, discusses the Mingus sound signature and takes us through extensive listening analysis of several pieces of music. The reviewers had some great things to say, and though the quotes may not have been translated with perfect cultural nuance, we get the impression they liked it.

“Solid and powerful, the vocals are refreshing with thickness and magnetism. nature, while other instruments are in an extremely transparent sound field Presenting an unambiguous sense of positioning, all of which make People feel that the music sung by Mingus Septet is not blunted or slowed down, it is as if it is real like a performance”

Many thanks to the reviewers at Audio Art Magazine for this excellent review.

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