MIngus Orchestra coming to Serbia

26th September 2022
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We’re happy to announce upcoming show news. Mingus Orchestra will be shown in Belgrade on 1st and 2nd October 2022 and we will be there. Here is their release announcement.

Hi-Files Show 2022, Belgrade, 1-2 October,
Holiday Inn Hotel, room Hilandar

We are pleased to announce that at the Hi-Files Show 2022 in Belgrade, we will present a system of the ultimate High-End audio electronics and speakers represented by the BM company, which WAY Cables flagship cords will fully connect. Also, it is a great honour for us to have eminent guests who will magnify this event with their presence: Mr Kerry St. James from Nagra (Switzerland) and Mr Jörgen Olofsson from Marten (Sweden).

BM and WAY Cables warmly invite you to join us on Saturday and Sunday, October 1 and 2, from 12:00 to 19:00h at the Holliday Inn hotel – room Hilandar, in this unique odyssey of listening and experiencing music, which will be provided by:

Analogue music source
NAGRA Reference 70th Anniversary turntable/tonearm system (limited Edition of 70 units)
NAGRA Reference Phono MC Cartridge (just launched)
KOETSU Blue Lace Phono MC cartridge (flagship model)

NAGRA HD preamp + Classic Phono preamp
NAGRA HD AMP monoblock power amps

Digital music source
FIDATA HFAS1 network audio server/streamer
NAGRA HD DAC X digital to analogue converter

Mingus Orchestra

WAY Cables flagship lineup:
Poetry+ and Harmony+ analogue RCA & XLR interconnects
Mind Ethernet audio cable Cat. 8+
Libertas USB audio cable
Endless X speaker cables and jumpers (first public presentation in Europe)
Core power audio cables
Union power audio strip

Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference 750

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