Munich High End 2019 show report – part 1

17th May 2019
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Sometimes you have to take risks.

May is the peak of our year, with the unveiling of new speakers: the fruit of a year’s worth of planning, design and production. At Munich High End 2019 we premiered not one; not two; but three new speakers.

Our product range was ripe for growth. It felt like the right time to launch Mingus Orchestra, expanding the Mingus series to epic proportions. The show also witnessed the premiere of our brand new series: Oscar, powered by new technology but the same Marten sound.

Creating just one speaker needs resources: boundless creative energy; passion to drive the project forward; and the investment of our most precious resource, time.

In the after-glow of Munich, we reflect on whether launching three speakers at the same time was worth it. The response from the show tells us:

Yes, absolutely!

This year’s system

Mingus Orchestra
Oscar Trio
Oscar Duo

Jorma Statement, Jorma Design

D1, CH Precision

C1, CH Precision

Analog Pre Amplifiers
L1, CH Precision

Mono Amplifiers
M1.1 MONO, CH Precision

Phono Pre Amplifier
P1, CH Precision

SAT XD1 record player system

Power Source
Stromtank 2500

Room acoustics

Audio & Visual Fiesta 2019.
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