Oscar Duo on the cover of Stereophile

20th October 2020
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There are times in a company’s life when things are on the right track. This month, we’re on the cover of Stereophile – the biggest HiFi magazine in the world. This is a milestone for us, but any loudspeaker producer knows the worth of this accolade.

Marten Oscar Duo on the cover of Stereophile

Our breakout stand speaker, Oscar Duo is reviewed by Michael Fremer, one of the most respected HiFi journalists in the business. The word ‘legendary’ follows this man’s name wherever he is mentioned.

Here are some of things he had to say:

“Designer Leif Olofsson has threaded the needle, producing a small speaker that can produce prodigious bass.”

“The pair produced a generously sized stage—wide, tall, and deep—within which were presented solid images, proportionately sized and well-focused. Lights out, the Duos disappeared, producing a space-filling picture that I wouldn’t have thought possible from such small boxes.”

“Each deep, identical quarter-note shook the room. I repeated the track and cranked it up to try to get the speaker to lose its composure, but it didn’t budge. That was a lot of deep, quality bass from a very small speaker!”

“Despite the robust bass produced by this small speaker, decay was fast, clean, and close to overhang-free”

John Atkinson, who did the measurements for the review said this:

“The Marten Oscar Duo’s excellent measured performance is indicative of some equally impressive engineering.”

We’re honoured to receive the recognition of Stereophile and so happy to be on the front of their publication. Thanks guys.

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