Oscar Duo review in U-Audio

18th June 2020
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Thanks to U-Audio in Taiwan for this glowing review of Oscar Duo. Not only is it complimentary and detailed on the technical side, they seem to have truly understood the essence of the speaker. With Oscar Duo, we have captured the magic of our premium models in a more accessible package.

Here are a few excerpts taken from the review (translated by Google).

“The piano sound is mellow and warm… it perfectly tells the beauty of the analog recording of that era.”

“When the piano and the drum set were quiet, and Bass was solo, it even showed the power of Oscar Duo. Suddenly, with a strong bang, the piano and drum set returned to the team. Anyone who likes jazz should listen to Marten’s speakers. Wonderful, really wonderful!”

“As soon as the first track of Corcovado’s music came out, it surprised me: this Oscar Duo, a small bookshelf speaker, has such a full and rich low frequency. At the beginning, there is a piano string, and then the rhythm group is started. The drum set on the left and the bass on the right are paved with rhythm, so that Peterson piano can step on the dance steps. Ray Brown’s bass is really plump and full, and the vibration of Ed Thigpen’s foot drum on the left is passed straight through, and I can feel it on the seat. I’m afraid that some small floor speakers can’t produce such bass. The piano sound is mellow and warm, the sound particles are clear and distinct, and with a little flexibility, it perfectly tells the beauty of the analog recording of that era.”

“Oscar Duo’s speed responded quickly, without procrastination at all, and brought out these strengths, speeds, and colors. If you like this clear picture, you should find a pair of bookshelf speakers like this.”

“Oscar Duo can perform jazz and rock in such a wonderful way, returning to the classical music that I am most familiar with, it also shows its ability.”

“If you always want to have a pair of Marten speakers, but because of budget, Oscar Duo can be a good starting point. If you want to find a pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers that are clear, transparent and comprehensive, Oscar Duo can provide you great listening pleasure among the 200,000-level speakers.”

Full review here.

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