Parker Trio review in U Audio

30th March 2022
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Sometimes you want to experience something again. Is it because it triggered an emotional response that you want to feel again? Or maybe you just want to check what you heard before was true.

Wen·Dai Tiankai has listened to Parker Trio not once, not twice, but three times. And his review of Parker Trio for U Audio, is thorough, precise and very very positive.

Here are a few quotes.

“The audio and video reproduced by Parker Trio is really clear, it is like a 4K high-resolution high-contrast picture, not only the lines and outlines are clear, but also many, many details, high brightness and high contrast, revealing those layers.”

“For listening to large-scale orchestral music, such a system is of course also wonderful.”

“… its sound is open, energetic and dynamic. The piano is the king of instruments, and when it comes to recreating piano music, the Parker Trio is enough to recreate the grandeur of the piano.”

“… I met Marten Parker Trio three times within three months, and every time I listened to it, it made me linger. It’s moderately proportioned, but has a larger scale and wider dynamics than imagined. Its sound is precise, natural, and well-balanced, allowing the most serious music lover to look at the heart of music. Exquisite and simple design, good-looking and durable, standard “High WAF” speakers.”

Thanks to U Audio and Wen·Dai Tiankai.

Photos: Dai Tiankai

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