Tokyo International Show 2023

14th November 2023
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Touching down at Haneda Airport felt familiar, even though it had been years since we last visited Tokyo. The great metropolis has a welcome that leaves an impression.

With much anticipation we arrived in Japan for the Tokyo International Show 2023, held on 3-5 November. We were due to attend last year, but plans were cancelled at the last minute because of international visitor restrictions. It felt good to be back.

We were met by our kind and diligent hosts, Zephyrn, who have been a valued part of the Marten family for 7 years, and continue to be impressive ambassadors in the region.

The Show

Zephyrn spotlighted our latest offering Mingus Septet Statement Edition—in a stellar system featuring electronics by CH Precision, Riviera Audio and TechDAS—to the delight of many domestic and international customers that came to the Tokyo International Forum. 

Situated in the heart of the city, the Forum’s glass architecture seamlessly blends modernity with a touch of tradition, offering a fitting space for the convergence of cutting-edge audio technology.

Mingus Septet played to packed crowds
Leif Olofsson talks technology

More than music

The Zephyrn-hosted event not only allowed us to unveil Mingus Septet SE but also provided a platform for meaningful connections and collaborations within the global audio community. Engaging with fellow enthusiasts and industry experts alike makes these shows a valuable experience.

Several demonstrations were given by Kohei Ando, CEO of Zephyrn Inc, and seminars were given by reviewers, Koji Onodera and Kenji Mayuzumi.

The system

Mingus Septet Statement Edition

CH Precision M10 mono power amp
CH Precision L10 dual mono preamp
CH Precision P10 phonostage
CH Precision D1.5 SACD/CD player/transport
CH Precision C1.2 digital to analog controller
CH Precision T1 10 MHz time reference

Riviera Audio Lab APL01SE preamp
Riviera Audio Lab AFM100SE mono power amp

HSE SWISS ML-7 phono preamp
HSE SWISS ML-8 preamp

TechDAS Air Force One turntable
TechDAS Air Force 10 tonearm
TechDAS TDC01 Ti cartridge

Wiring by Crystal Cable

CH Precision and Riviera Audio


Mingus Septet has been very well-received across the world and Japan was no exception. We offer kind thanks to Zephyrn for wonderful hosting and faithful support in this territory. We look forward to returning.

Mingus Septet SE wins Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2023
Visiting South Korea