High End Munich 2023

10th May 2023
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This year at High End Munich 2023, we are proud to present the world premier of Mingus Septet. We are exceptionally happy with this model and can’t wait to return to our favourite international show.

Mingus Septet will be demo’d in two rooms during the event: the Marten room (F119) and the Jorma & Engström room (F219). We will also being showing Mingus Orchestra with MSB and a static display of Coltrane 3  in the IsoAcoustics room.

Atrium 4.1, room F119
Mingus Septet with

  • MSB Monoblock
  • MSB Reference Dac
  • MSB Reference Director
  • TechDas Turntable
  • Reed tonearm
  • DS Audio optical cartridge
  • DS Audio RIA Phono Amp
  • Jorma cables
  • Jorma Power Filter Reference

Atrium 4.2, room F219

Mingus Septet with

  • Engström MONICA M-Phono
  • Engström ERIC Encore power amp
  • Jorma Statement Cables
  • Jorma Power Filter Reference
  • Solid Tech Balance furniture and accessories
  • Reed Muse 3C Turntable
  • Reed 5A and 2B Tonearms
  • Lyra Etna Lambda Cartridge
  • SMT Diffusors 
  • Degritter Mark 2 Ultra sonic record cleaner

Atrium 4.1, room E221
Mingus Orchestra with

  • MSB The Premier DAC
  • MSB Premier Digital Director
  • MSB M205 Mono Amp

Atrium 4.2 room F210

Coltrane 3 (static display)

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New for 2023: Mingus Septet
Mingus Orchestra
Coltrane 3
Parker Duo stands on top
Marten in Munich • Part One