Marten in Munich • Part One

6th June 2023
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High End Munich is the perfect place for us to showcase new products. With over twenty thousand people in attendance this year—almost half of them trade visitors—there was no better time for us to premier a new model.

Mingus Septet was designed and built in the year running up to the show, but incorporates years of R&D into creating new drivers. It’s the first of our speakers to use custom diamond and beryllium drivers. Even we were surprised at early-listenings for the prototype. Installing a speaker always presents challenges, with many factors from room dynamics to crowd flow to consider, a brand new speaker brings more unknowns. With a combination of experience and a little faith, we set-up the system in two days. In our opinion, the sound was beyond expectations—that is perhaps easy for us to say, but our sentiment was shared by visitors to the room.

Our latest model found a receptive audience in the busy show environment, with many people offering a knowing nod and smile after listening, and some taking the time to tell us how good Mingus Septet sounded. Getting feedback is one of the reasons that we like to show to such a large audience, and when it’s positive, that’s all the better.

Of course, a speaker can only perform well when it’s set-up in a good system. To maximise the performance of Mingus Septet we employed a fantastic array of components for the system from MSB, Antipodes, TechDAS, Reed, DS Audio and naturally, Jorma. Full system details here

High End Munich is a great opportunity for us to meet people. Many of our partners were there and it was good to catch-up with journalists and the general public alike. And with most of our distributors flying in from all over the world, we had our largest group meeting to date, where industry cognoscenti Michael Fremer played some lacquer masters for music that he is planning to release this year.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that works acoustically and is a welcoming place for our visitors. It takes months of planning, lots of design, many many meetings, and a lot of labour to get this to happen. This year, we drove eighteen palettes by truck from Sweden to the Bavarian capital. We would like to thank our talented and hard-working team, Bernt, Jonas, Kristian, Mikael, Nicklas and Rune.

There are many more people to thank, but we’ll cover those in part two of our show report where we take you to the rooms from Jorma & Engström, MSB and IsoAcoustics.

High End Munich 2023
Mingus Septet at Multipak 2023