Marten in Munich • Part Two

12th June 2023
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Working with the right people is one of the pillars of our company’s approach. Finding partners that you can trust is not only good for growth, but ensures that the job gets done right.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

At High End Munich 2023 our speakers were represented in four rooms, including our own. Our new model Mingus Septet was playing in the Jorma & Engström room; the former, our sibling cable company and the latter, long-term collaborator and manufacturer of desirable electronics. Mingus Orchestra held court in the My Sound room, powered by a suite of sophisticated MSB Technology electronics and connected by Ikigai cables. And Coltrane 3 was on static display in the room of IsoAcoustics: a company who need no introduction for their sound isolation technology.

We have worked with many of these partners for years, and trust in a mutual understanding, support and care for each other’s offerings.

Jorma & Engström room • with Mingus Septet

Thanks to Timo from Engström for a great collaboration. And thanks to Bernt and Nicklas from Jorma for all their hard work.

My Sound room • with Mingus Orchestra and MSB Technology

Thanks to Frank and Martine for your continued support.

IsoAcoustics room • with Coltrane 3

Thanks to Dave, Paul and Sean Morrison for a wonderful collaboration.

Mingus Septet at Multipak 2023
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