Parker Trio review in Hifi Advice

2nd August 2023
in Reviews

Sitting proudly in the middle of our product range, Parker offers hallmark Marten sound. The series has been one of our great success stories, with continued interest since their release in 2020. 

This week saw yet another review of our trusty Parker Trio, this time by Hifi Advice in The Netherlands. The first part of the review includes a great introduction to our brand, the Parker series and a thorough technical breakdown of the Parker Trio.

“The Parker series is designed to elevate the performance of loudspeakers in its class to a whole new level. Based on what I heard, the Parker series may well represent the sweet spot for the brand in terms of value for money.”

This review shows a great empathy and understanding for what we are trying to achieve. We’re always happy when our work resonates with listeners out there.

“The Parker Trios have a wonderful cleanness and purity with excellent detail retrieval, yet they are sweet and sound remarkably lush. These speakers are precise but with a relaxed musicality-first approach. ”

“Imaging is rock-solid while the soundstage hangs airily and entirely freely all around the speakers. The overall presentation is relaxed but not slow.”

Many thanks to Christiaan Punter of Hifi Advice and Hans Van Put of HVP Audio for his continued support.

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