Mingus Septet review in U-Audio

18th March 2024
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In the hushed confines of the Shangrui listening room in Taiwan, a symphony unfolds as discerning audiophile Dai Tiankai, gets to know our latest model Mingus Septet. Distributed by Soundray, this speaker has already caused ripples in the audio world with its boundary-pushing design and immersive sound experience.

Tiankai’s exploration of Mingus Septet is revealing, often defying conventional wisdom. “Marten speakers often use high-hardness diaphragm materials,” he notes, “but the sound is not hard, but gives a very high sense of reality.” It’s a testament to Marten’s commitment to delivering a truly authentic listening experience.

With comparisons to it’s older brother Mingus Orchestra, Tiankai is quick to point out that Mingus Septet transcends its size.

“Although Mingus Septet is not too big in size and can be classified as a medium-sized floor-standing speaker at most, the scale of the sound is beyond imagination.”

The review delves into the Mingus Septet’s ability to capture the essence of music with clarity. Tiankai’s experience of a solo performance on Mingus Septet leaves him in awe. “The bright piano tone, the solid and light notes, are all beautiful,” he exclaims, “and all of them make people admire how powerful the midrange and high notes are.” It’s a testament to the speaker’s ability to faithfully reproduce every nuance of the music with accuracy.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of Mingus Septet is its portrayal of the human voice. Tiankai notes: “When expressing the human voice, Mingus Septet can reproduce the characteristics of the voice in great detail. The body is clearly depicted and every detail is detectable.”

Tiankai concludes his review with high praise indeed, stating that:

“Mingus Septet's sound performance is really comprehensive, whether it is timbre, sound quality, density, dynamics, layering, and spatial performance, it has a very high level.”

Many thanks to Dai Tiankai for his review (and photos), Shangrui and Soundray for their support.

All quotes translated by Google Translate.

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