Swedish Top Class • Parker Trio Diamond Edition review

31st January 2024
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Parker Trio Diamond Edition has been reviewed In the February edition of Hifi & Musik in Sweden. The headline reads: Svensk Toppklass—no marks for guessing this means Swedish Top Class.

However, a word that you might not recognise is Blygsam: a Swedish phrase that translates to modest. Although we have a lot going for us—raw beautiful nature, rich food heritage and good design—it’s not in our cultural language to boast. So, it’s especially nice to receive domestic recognition.

“The Marten Parker Trio Diamond Edition plays incredibly nicely, detailed and big- hitting, but also completely unproblematic.”

Hifi & Musik magazine

Editor-in-Chief, Jonas Bryngelsson covers the usual technical aspects and track analysis you would expect from this magazine, and has a some wonderful things to say about Parker Trio DE.

“The musical coherence is magnificent, while the sound image conveyed is large and spacious”

Jonas takes time to compare Parker Trio Diamond Edition to our ‘standard’ Parker Trio, which was also tested by the magazine in 2021. He makes some good points, which may be useful for those deciding between the two models, or existing Parker Trio owners considering an upgrade.

“It opens up the music being played which also spreads to a greater extent. It simply sounds bigger, airier, more detailed and in every way better.”

But he is quick to assure us of the quality of Parker Trio.

“Could I have settled for a Parker Trio if I hadn't done this comparison? Undoubtedly yes, and for those who want, it is also possible to do the upgrade at a later time”

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Many thanks to Hifi & Musik and Jonas Bryngelsson for a great review and support from our homeland.

“I can state that these are a pair of extremely high-performance and versatile speakers, which make the most of whatever music they are going to play.”

Hifi & Musik is a well-respected, well-established magazine that has been reporting in the world of high end audio since 1970.

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