Oscar Duo review in Part-time Audiophile

16th February 2021
in Reviews

This may be the year of Oscar.  The series had a very good response in 2020 and that shows no signs of abating. This month, Oscar Duo has been reviewed by Marc Phillips of Part-time Audiophile.

Here are some of the great things he had to say:

“The Marten Oscar Duos might just possess the best imaging I’ve heard in a long time, no joke.”

“My first impression was wow, these do sound like big panel speakers, nice and open and lightning-quick.”

“… you’re definitely getting a small monitor that sounds much larger than it is, but the world-class imaging and soundstaging takes the Duos to another level.”

“Quickness, superb bass response and incredible soundstaging add up to much of the Duo’s essence…”

Full review here

Images courtesy of Marc Phillips

Warming up the Marten studio
Oscar Trio review in Part-time Audiophile