Oscar Trio review in Part-time Audiophile

16th February 2021
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Thanks to Dave McNair of Part-time Audiophile for words that we can hardly match. Read some of them below or jump to the full review for a deep-dive.

“Ultimately I just want things to sound good. The Oscar Trios sounded amazing.”

“I found the sound of these speakers to have a uniquely classy quality: they are precise, clean and fast, but with a richness and ability to portray tonal complexity in recordings that is something more than just accurate. “

“I could easily hear the result of this extraordinary tech trickle-down and boundary-pushing in the Marten Oscar Trio…”

“Those babies went deep with a size and authority I’ve only heard before in mega-buck, carefully set up systems.”

“As far as value, one thing is definite: I only know of a handful of speaker systems anywhere near their price that offers worthy competition. Find a dealer. Arrange for a safe demo. You won’t be sorry. Highly recommended.”

Full review here

Images courtesy of Dave McNair

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