Parker Duo review in Audio Art

4th October 2021
in Reviews

We have received a review for Parker Duo from Audio Art – thanks to our wonderful distributors Soundray for sending it to us. Parker Duo has been blessed with exceptionally kind words again. Here is the opening paragraph translated by Google.

“In theory, no matter how powerful the bookshelf speaker is, it is impossible to decathlon, but Marten Parker Duo actually broke this limit. Its low-frequency energy source is endless, and its scale is surprisingly wide and powerful enough to compete with medium-sized floor speakers. The point is that its sound quality is superb, even when compared to the top speakers I have ever heard. Owning a Parker Duo is equivalent to using the most reasonable price to condense the most beautiful characteristics of Marten speakers into a bookshelf-shaped cabinet. There is no doubt that Parker Duo is definitely the most powerful bookcase speaker king I have ever heard.”

Wen |Tao Zhonghao

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