Collaborating with IsoAcoustics

11th August 2021

Rigorous design process allows you to achieve great results, but sometimes it’s a more organic approach that can elevate a product. Working with field-leaders and relying on their expertise is a rewarding creative process; it’s more open and intuitive.

Our Chief Designer, Leif Olofsson has the technical knowledge and experience to take each model from the drawing board to the reality of listening. But he also relies on intuition – that innate ability to hear when something “feels right”

We worked with audio isolation leaders IsoAcoustics to create Marten Isolators. They have a proven track record, not to mention a multitude of awards to back up their products. With this powerhouse and Leif’s ear, they worked through a process of listening and testing to create a Marten Isolator that works for each model.

Leif reflects on the collaboration.

“I loved working with the guys at IsoAcoustics. When you are designing, I think it’s good to change gear  – working with others changes the pace. Plus they have such good products and knowledge in the field.

We first developed Marten Isolators for the Coltrane and Mingus series and I was so pleased with the results that I knew we had to use them for the next series. The Parker series has done incredibly well, both critically and with the public. The work we did with IsoAcoustics certainly contributed to its success.”


Dave Morrison of IsoAcoustics had this to say:

“I was very pleased to work with Leif Olofsson and the team at Marten Audio to develop the Marten Isolators, and I’m very excited about the results we were able to achieve. The customer feedback and reviews for the new Parker Series have been remarkable. We are now excited for everyone to experience the difference the Marten Isolators make with the Coltrane and Mingus Series. Incredible speakers, incredible products, and an amazing team. We feel privileged to be part of this project.”

We’re really happy with this collaboration. As well as being an engaging process, the end result has helped bring our products closer to Leif’s vision.

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