What you get
Power and control in perfect balance.

Coltrane Tenor 2 uses the bespoke crossover technique developed for Supreme 2. The first order crossover makes for absolutely perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence.

  • 3-way bass reflex
  • First order crossover
  • Accuton Cell drivers
  • Jorma Prime cables

“Designed around the most advanced technology, it’s crafted with absolute reverence for music.”

Leif Olofsson | Chief Designer, Marten
Tried and tested.

Coltrane Tenor 2 uses Cell technology developed especially for our speakers in a joint project with Accuton. The diamond tweeters and ceramic bass units are the same as those in our landmark Coltrane Supreme 2 model.

The tweeters, midrange and bass drivers have identical acoustic centres, delivering flawless phase and time coherence. The domes in the units are perfectly rigid, for impeccable signal settle and piston behavior. It has incredibly low distortion, even at high levels.

  • Steady decay of higher order harmonics
  • High bandwidth
We saw the path of least resistance. And went the other way.

Marten worked tirelessly to refine the crossover so it would work perfectly with Accuton Cell drivers. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was the clear solution. It’s success has defined the sound for a new generation of Marten speakers.

The first order crossover makes it possible to have perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. This means that all registers are generated at the exact same moment, just as it was recorded. The sounds reach your ears as if the music were live.

“Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the soundstage and hear exactly where each musician is placed in the orchestra.”

Leif Olofsson | Chief Designer, Marten
Your space
Demanding speakers for demanding listeners.

Placing a Coltrane in your house is a commitment that really pays off. They require considered placement and set-up. Like the best things in life, you only get out what you put in. If you want to bring the live music experience to your home, there should be no compromise.

All models have high-gloss carbon fibre sides with fronts available in engineered solid wood.
Warm Grey
Dark Gold
Matte Walnut
Matte Cherry
Matt Maple
Matte Oak
Piano Black

Technical specifications

Speaker (front)

2 x 8 ” Aluminium sandwich

1 x 7 ” Ceramic

1 x 0.75 ” Diamond

Frequency range
24-80000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating
300 W

86 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

6 ohm (3.5 Ohm min)

3-way bass reflex

Crossover frequency
First order, 360 & 4000Hz

WBT Nextgen bi-wiring

Internal wiring
Jorma Design (optional Statement)

20 mm:s carbon fibre laminate cabinet,

68 mm laminated wood/aluminium front Polished stainless steel with Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones

Dimensions W x H x D
31 x 114 x 40 cm (12.2 x 44.9 x 15.7 ”)

Net weight
57 Kg (127 lbs)

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