Parker Trio review in Twittering Machines

18th August 2022
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It feels like Parker Trio has hit the ground running in this glowing review from Twittering Machines. The reviewer, Michael Lavorgna shows a sensitivity and understanding of Parker Trio that makes us feel heard. Or at least Parker Trio does 😉

“Parker Trio are simply stunning in their ability to replace their physical presence with the members of the band.”

“Parker Trio delivered every pluck and thrum so fully formed the bass felt more real than the speakers. “

His description of the music really describes Parker Trio’s ability to disappear in the soundstage, leaving a direct connection with the music.

“…Parker Trio consistently stepped aside, letting music move to the fore.”

There’s much more in this review, so we do recommend you have a read – it makes us want to sit down and listen to Parker Trio again ourselves. Many thanks to Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines; we hope to feel worthy.

“The Marten Parker Trio impress with an uncanny sense of accuracy and ease, offering a stunning combination of strengths that pay homage to whatever music you send their way.”

A big thanks to Roy of Vana Ltd for sharing this with us.

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