Coltrane Series

The Coltrane series represents a milestone.
Not only for Marten, but for speaker design in general.

Our flagship series uses exclusive materials throughout. Carbon fibre cabinets. Beautifully crafted solid wood work made by Sweden’s finest craftsmen. Ceramic and diamond drivers, with tweeters in pure diamond. The speakers in the Coltrane series are the first to use this combination.

Coltrane Supreme 2

The new Master

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Coltrane Momento 2

2 speaker towers. Lower distortion and bigger dynamics. A passive, auxiliary bass radiator that createss an exceptionally even, yet still rich, bass sound. Coltrane Momento gives simply amazing sound reproduction.

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Coltrane 3

Experience the next level.

While more lounge-friendly in size than the Coltrane Supreme 2,
it features the same groundbreaking technology.

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Coltrane Tenor

Intelligently designed with market-leading technology, Coltrane Tenor 2 is crafted with absolute respect to the music.

Featuring Jorma Design cables, this signature build includes Cell technology, record low distortion, perfect time and phase coherence, and more importantly flawless time coincident.

A speaker that shows the true direction for high end audio.
Not only for Marten.

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